Wednesday, December 12, 2012


Last weekend was a long weekend here in Spain, so Erin and I set off to Italy to indulge in this wonderful culture full of delicious food, breathtaking landscapes and a beautiful language. We enjoyed it all, especially in the food!

We started off our trip in Pisa, where we saw the famous Leaning Tower. I was really quite surprised by how small the tower is but the plaza was quite beautiful!

Erin being the tower

Erin felt bad that this little guy never gets any attention haha

When then continued on to Florence for 3 nights. We were lucky to stay in a small hostel where the people were so nice and made sure we had a fabulous time in Florence!

There we explored the city, ate lots of amazing food, went to the Christmas market and ofcourse, got some history in at the Gucci museum! :)

After a great long weekend in Italy, I now have only a week until I am home for Christmas!!! :)

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