Tuesday, November 6, 2012


This past weekend was a "puente", or long weekend so it was the perfect opportunity to do some travelling! Susete, Erin, Maria and I all made our ways west for the break and headed to Oporto, Portugal. I have always wanted to go to Portugal and I had heard that Oporto is a beautiful city on the water so I was very excited to go! I was definitely not disappointed! The city was BEAUTIFUL... it has a very old world feel to it which was very cool. The people were so nice- within only minutes of being off the metro and looking confused, someone had rushed over to us to help us find our way. Not only are they friendly but they are also very accommodating. Being that we were a mix of English/American/Spanish girls, we would often bounce back and forth between languages so usually waiters or people around us wouldn't know which language to speak to us. Then, to really thrown them off, Susete speaks Portugese. So often times, they would just ask what language we preferred because most people could speak all. Very cool!

While we were there we toured the city, went on a river tour and went on a wine tour, since this is where Port wine comes from. Ofcourse the weekend was filled with lots of laughters and new memories! I had a wonderful time and look forward to the next time that I am in Portugal (and travelling with these fun women!!)

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