Friday, January 11, 2013

Home Sweet Home

Over the holidays I was so lucky to be able to go home for the first time in almost a year and a half! My dad and brother have visited me in Spain but I had gone way too long without seeing my mom. So, needless to say, this trip was much needed!!! While home I was also able to see many friends and family which made me so happy!!

Christmas Eve and Christmas were very relaxed with family and neighbors. It was great being able to catch up with everyone.

After Christmas one of my best friends and college roommate, Kayla, came up from San Diego to visit! We kept busy with day trips to San Francisco to see another friend and we spent New Years Eve in Sacramento. It was so great to spend time together after so long!!!

I am now back in Madrid which makes me happy. But I just wish that I could bring my loved ones here... then it would be perfect. :)

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  1. Home Sweet Home...hmmm. But which place is really home now? I loved seeing you over Christmas - and I could see that you are deeply in love with Spain and I am so happy for you!