Tuesday, November 6, 2012


Wow, it has been nearly 2 months since I have updated my blog! It orginally was because my life was quite uneventful without work, and therefore money. But I quickly went from having nothing to do, to a million things to do!!

On October 1st I started work at the elementary school! It feel SOOO good to finally be back! I had missed my students and co-workers so much! The first day we went back (three weeks after the kids started) the kids were so excited! The school is surrounded by a fence and when they saw us (the language assistants) outside nearly 100 of the kids ran to the fence and began screaming our names. They looked like a bunch of desperate inmates hahaha. As soon as we were let into the gates we were swarmed and I was nearly knocked over.
This year I spend the majority of my time with 1st grade, which has been wonderful. Although they are 5-6 years old.. I never realized how much of babies they really are! They are just so precious. When they were told that I don't speak in Spanish, some of them nearly had a heart attack. It definitely takes some patience working with first grade since they start out thinking everything was called a pencil and backpack but the rate they learn is incredible!!! Today I had a girl come and tell me in perfect English, ¨Jaime, you have long hair¨. Little things like that make me know that we are doing something right! And their sweetness keeps me coming back everyday with a smile. I have kids who are like excited little puppies everytime I walk into the room, even if I had just seen them 10 minutes prior.

Aside from school, I have been very busy celebrating birthdays, day trips and meeting new people! Our apartment is completely full now: Erin and I, Coline from France, Gloria and Lily from Spain. We all get along so well and I absolutely love my apartment! Aside from that many of my other friends live within 2 minutes walking from me and I have become friends with their roommates also. We have quite a large and diverse group which keeps us busy and always having fun!

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