Monday, July 30, 2012

Uclés, Uclés

For the month of July I have been in a small town (population 285!) in Castilla La Mancha, called Uclés. I spent my time working, and living, in a 16th century monastery. Every summer, English camps are held in this monastery and I was lucky enough to be able to experience it! I ended up working two camps (each 2 weeks long) and it was a wonderful experience! It was the first time I have had my own classroom so I definitely learned a lot! I also couldn't have asked for better students, co-workers or boss. Now I'll try to give you a quick recap on the month:

Each class made a Postcard from Camp. The students are able to show their parents about their time in English class and show off some of their English :)


Uclés and Teachers!
Thanks for a great month!!! :)

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  1. Jaime, what an amazing experience for so many reasons and what a lovely place. The picture of you in the sunflowers is fantastic!! You are a beauty!