Monday, October 17, 2011

A week of immersion

This past week Maggie, Justin and I have tried immersing ourselves in the culture as much as we could.

Last Wednesday was a holiday, Día del Virgen Pilar, so we had the day off from school. That morning there was a huge parade through the city. It consisted of soldiers, army tanks, fighter planes and men parachuting with the Spanish flag. The parade came to a close with the King driving through and waving to everyone. THe best part experiencing a tradition of the Spanish culture and seeing the immense amount of partiotism the citizens had as they walked around with Spanish flags draped over their backs.

Last Thursday I had my first side job. The 3rd grade teacher, Miriam, who I work with a lot asked me to work with her son. Angél Luis is only 2 years old so all I do is play with him and speak to him in English. He is so cute and it amazes me that at only 2 years old he is already spouting out Spanish AND English words!

On Saturday, I went out to see one od my co-worker´s band perform at a bar in the neighborhood, Malasaña. It was really fun to be involved in the Spanish atmosphere and to listen to live Spanish music. They were really good! After the performance we all went out to other bars and ended the night at a salsa bar. It was so fun and I am now determined to learn how to salsa!

I am still really enjoying being in Spain and I am so happy! One of the teachers even told me that she can tell that I am very happy to be here. But there isn´t a day that goes by where something makes me think of of my friends and family. Miss you all so much!!


  1. We love and miss you, too, Jaime. Your adventures sound amazing, please continue to post. Love, Love, Love! AAng

  2. Love reading your blog! I know you don't have internet at your apartment but please try and write more often! We all like to hear about the little things too (I am sharing your blog with family). It will be a great diary for you as well. But I understand you are busy. How many hours a week are you teaching and how many hours a week are you helping with Angel Luis?

  3. We miss you Little!!! These updates are definitely putting smiles on our faces though :) love you!!

  4. Deborah,
    I am only working 16 hours/week but the commute adds a good chunk of time. I only watch Angel Luis once a week for 2 hours so i need to find more tutoring jobs. Glad you are enjoying the blog! :)

  5. Did you email Noah to find more tutoring jobs?