Sunday, October 30, 2011

Halloween in Spain

This past week has been full of festivities! First the week started off with going to a Real Madrid basketball game. Maggie's school gave her tickets to the game and luckily they had extras for Justin and I. It kind of felt like a little taste of America- even the half time show felt like America, with a Thriller dance put on by the cheerleaders. They played against a team from Milan and ended up winning! It was a lot of fun! Next, we need to go to a Real Madrid futbol game... And then Cristiano Ronaldo can propose to me.

As you all know, this week is also Halloween. This holiday isn't really celebrated in Spain but since I work at a bilingual school the English assistants were responsible for putting on Halloween. We had the classes take turns doing a craft of making trick or treat bags, going into a haunted house that we made and then dancing to halloween songs.Then we went around to each class and let them get a taste of trick-or-treating. We would just go to a classroom and they would have to line up and say trick or treat to get candies or stickers. They were like little ducks the way they all flocked to me waiting for goodies! At the end of the day we had a Halloween parade on the black top and we awarded one person from each class for the best costume. Which kind of backfired because the 1st grade girls kept coming up to me and asking why they didn't win. For the rest of the afternoon they played music and we just danced and played with them. The cha-cha song came on so I decided to dance along to what it says (slide to the left, slide to the right, hop 3 times, etc...) Next thing I know, several of the girls are lined up next to me dancing along with me. They were all so impressed that I knew the dance but I never told them that the lyrics told you what to do haha.

Here is a picture of the haunted house with two of my amazing co-workers! (Also English Language Assistants) Unfortunately, I can't post pictures of my students but you can just trust me that they are adorable! :)

Later that evening, we went to a Halloween party at the Vice Principal's house. Our principal and some other teachers were there. They taught us some Spanish drinking games and then we taught them some American ones! It was a fun night and I keep feeling more and more fortunate to be working at such a great school!

I hope that everyone is having a great Halloween weekend!! I love seeing everyones pictures of dressing up and I wish I could celebrate with you all!

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