Friday, May 31, 2013


Sorry to have gone MIA for so long but it has been a very busy month! At the beginning of the month we had a puente, so a group of my friends and I all went to a music festival in Murcia. Murcia is a city in the south of Spain, notorious for it's good weather. Good music and good weather...what more did we need???
At the festival we saw a mix of artists from all over the world: England, American, France, Spain, etc.
The festival also had "glamping" (glamour camping) so we rented the equipment and decided to commit to the full experience. I must say, there was NOTHING glamorous about this camping. Four of us squished into a hot, stinky and uncomfortable tent haha. But between the concerts and and strolling through the city we all had a fabulous time!

One of the bands we particularly like was Crystal Fighters. They are a group made up of Spaniards and Brits.

Shortly after the festival, I was lucky to have a visit from Terri Miller! She came to Madrid for a long weekend and I had an absolute blast showing her around the city and introducing her to all my friends! Lots of laughs were shared and memories were made. I look forward to her next visit- and hopefully she can finally drag mom out here ;)


In other news, I finish up school at the end of June and will head off to a summer camp in July. But before doing that I will head to the island of Ibiza for a few days with friends to unwind and soak up the sun!!
And in August I will be in California!!! I am very excited to see my family and get the chance to go to San Diego to see friends. My friend, MarĂ­a, will also be coming home with me so I will get to bring a little bit of Spain with me and show her my American life! :)
After the summer, I will come back to Madrid because I have been offered a job to work with another program with the Catholic schools. I am very excited to have the opportunity to spend more time here in Madrid but it's bittersweet as I am so sad to say good bye to my current school and students.

I look forward to a fun summer! and I will be sure to keep this updated more!! :)

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