Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Dad's visit!

These past few days Dad has been in Madrid exploring the city and experiencing first hand why I am so happy here! I showed him the local places, introduced him to my friends and ofcourse we did lots of tourist things, too! I had such a great visit with my dad and was so sad to see him leave! It made me realize how much I really miss my family and friends back in the states. In a perfect world, you all would move out here :) Here are some highlights of our time in Madrid:
Dad was able to meet my friends his first night here in Madrid. We met for a few drinks in a plaza near my house. He kept going on about how wonderful my friends are here in Madrid (I would have to agree!)
Dad and I took a daytrip to Toledo, which is only 30 minutes outside the city by train. It is a beautiful town with lots of history and one of my personal favorites in Spain. I was glad that he was able to see it and learn some more things about Spain's history!
We also experienced a bull fight this weekend. Madrid is home to the best bull fighters in the world and during the month of May they have their big festival. The curiousity got to us and we decided to see what it was really all about. It was an interesting experience but I can't say I would ever go back. I also would be lying if I said I was brave and didn't cry.... Due to the huge controversy this causes (and the brutality) I decided to limit the pictures from this part of our trip.
On Dad's last day in Madrid we went to the oldest restaurant in the world, Botin! It was a really cool experience because it was underground and cavelike! I ordered the baby squid in its own ink (which looks super creepy but was very tasty!) and dad got the suckling lamb. It was very good food and now we know why it has been around so long! After such a wonderful trip I'm already looking forward to being back with the family this Christmas! :)

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