Friday, January 20, 2012

Johnny in Spain!

Johnny's visit in Madrid was wonderful! I was so happy to bring my new life in Spain and my American roots together! I kept him busy by bringing him to work with me, showing him around Madrid and giving him a taste of what bars and discotecas are like! (given that he is only 19)

My students were in such awe that Johnny was my YOUNGER brother. They thought that with how tall he is that he must be 95 years old. Johnny quickly became the prime focus of my classes. Some teachers had the students interview him and then write a paper on him. Meanwhile, in other classes Johnny encouraged the little boys to not pay attention to me and to instead throw balls of paper at the other classmates.
The kids have been asking me everyday where Johnny is and I continue to get the same confused look when I tell them that he went back to America.

It was great having Johnny here and showing him how wonderful Madrid is! I was very sad having to say good bye but I am greatful that he was able to come at all! :)

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