Sunday, November 20, 2011

In just a weeks time I went from being single to having two husbands! My second graders have a new found love for me and are constantly screaming "Te quiero, Jaime!!!" It all started this past week when I had to take them out of the class in groups to practice English. I was asking them various questions and then came up to "What is your favorite animal?" They were all going around with the different animals when José screamed "My favorite animal is Jaime!!!" The kids thought this was so great and couldn't stop laughing, which in turn made laugh too. The next day him and Noé showed me pictures that they had each drawn of me marrying the two of them. It was titled at the top with "José (or Noé) ♥ Yeimi".

This past Friday the school also celebrated Chestnut Day. It's not an actual holiday, just a tradition the school has. For the last part of the day the mothers came to school dressed in what they call 18th century period clothing, but in my opinion they looked like a bunch of gypsies who escaped from Granada. They roasted chestnuts out on the playground and the kids came out and sang songs in return for the chestnuts. It was cute to see the kids get so excited over the chestnuts. Then once school was let out, the teachers went to the local cafetería and had a few drinks to welcome the weekend.

Maggie went to Paris this weekend to meet up with her uncles, and she was missed dearly! The weather has been a bit dreary and cold these past few days but we were still able to get a little stroll in today while admiring the beauty of the city.

I hope everyone has safe travels this week and enjoys Thanksgiving! Be sure to have extra turkey and mashed potatoes for me! :)


  1. Do you have any plans for celebrating Thanksgiving - maybe getting together with other Americans you and your roommates have met? Have you made the topic of Thanksgiving a teaching lesson for your students yet?
    Hugs, Deborah

  2. Hi Deborah,
    We are actually just going to skip Thanksgiving this year. We all have work late on Thursday... There are Thanksgiving decorations up at my school and I think we are going to be doing some Thanksgiving crafts with them later in the week. Hope you enjoy the holiday! :)